Misconduct reporting procedure

Within IMAS we will always have a long-term perspective on our business. We recognise that we have a responsibility not only towards our co-workers—our most valuable resource—but also our business partners and the community as a whole.

We believe that responsibility and profitability go hand in hand. For us, it is all about doing good business in the right way, based on honesty, respect, fairness and integrity.

We also believe that it is important that our co-workers and other stakeholders —including our business partners and their employees—can report any actual or suspected abuses and irregularities that take place at IMAS or that may impact IMAS.

If you suspect any misconduct in our own activities or in investments we fund, we ask you to please come forward, in good faith, to raise your concern. We will treat the matter in the strictest confidence and protect the identities of the people involved.


What is misconduct?

Misconduct is any unethical or unlawful behaviour, any criminal act, or a combination of these. Examples of this are cases of corruption, bribery, harassment and fraud.

How can I raise a concern about misconduct?

IMAS Foundation has set up a Trust Line to enable all our stakeholders to report concerns they may have about misconduct.

Our main priority

Our main priority is that these concerns are heard so we can identify and address any serious issue appropriately.

This Trust Line is powered by the SpeakUp® system, an integrated phone/web tool to report misconduct. Our Trust Line allows for 24/7 confidential reporting and meets all data protection regulations.

We will not tolerate negative effects or repercussions when you raise a concern in good faith, and you will not be put at a disadvantage.

To report a concern, go to the IMAS Trust Line