Patient money for the long term

Simplicity, cost-efficiency and thinking differently are core to IMAS Foundation’s investment philosophy. These values are rooted in our IKEA heritage. We believe it is possible to manage money without a huge investment organisation if you dare to be different and understand your limitations. We provide patient money for the long term.

Our strategy focuses on strategic and tactical asset allocation, which also involves balancing the risk of our investments while being as cost-effective as possible. We do not select individual stocks and bonds.

We include a significant portion of non-listed investments in our portfolio because we believe they can provide higher returns and give us flexibility to invest in themes we believe in. These include renewable energy and energy transition companies. We have a mandate to invest up to 20% in infrastructure, which is a good fit with these themes.

IMAS Foundation manages its own financial assets. 

How do we add value?

Own exposure tilts: by fetching more and better risk premia than the benchmark/industry

  • Deviation from the benchmark components: long term (strategic asset allocation) and shorter-term (tactical asset allocation).
  • Non-listed asset allocation: through direct lending, specialty finance, non-listed equities etc.
  • Infrastructure: brownfield and greenfield, equity and debt.
green plants

By manager selection and different levels of activeness in our investments

  • Passive: low-cost strategies, replicating the core of the benchmark exposure.
  • Enhanced: semi-passive strategy, capturing risk premia in a disciplined and quantitative matter, but with very low deviations from the benchmark.
  • Active: outsourced active investment decisions that will deviate significantly from the benchmark.

Facts and figures

Asset under management: around €13.4 billion (end 2023)

Asset split (end 2023)

Listed assets
Fixed income


Developed equities
Emerging equities
Global fixed income