IMAS - History and context

In 1982, Ingvar Kamprad decided to transfer the ownership of Ingka Group, which owns and operates the majority of IKEA stores globally, to INGKA Foundation to secure longevity for the business and to support charitable programmes enabled by dividends from Ingka Group. Over time, he set up three foundations: INGKA Foundation, IMAS Foundation and IKEA Foundation.
All three Foundations share a charitable purpose, which is to create a better everyday life for the many people. No person is entitled to the assets of any of the foundations. Each foundation has its own expertise, role and is an independent legal entity, with separate corporate governance and separate day-to-day management.
  • IMAS Foundation specialises in creating long-term returns on financial assets, incorporating responsibility and sustainability considerations into all investment decisions. It achieves its charitable purpose by financially supporting INGKA Foundation to facilitate the funding of the IKEA Foundation.
  • INGKA Foundation achieves its charitable purpose by providing funding to the IKEA Foundation. INGKA Foundation is the owner and sole shareholder of Ingka Group, which pays dividends to INGKA Foundation. When received, dividends are transferred to IMAS Foundation to secure the long-term management of the funds until they are needed for the charitable purpose.
  • IKEA Foundation achieves its charitable purpose through grant making to tackle the complex and deep-rooted challenges of poverty and climate change. This is made possible thanks to INGKA Foundation and IMAS Foundation and the work of so many Ingka Group co-workers around the world.
By setting up these foundations, Ingvar Kamprad found a way to support his vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people while securing the long-term ownership and independence of Ingka Group.